Braces FAQ – first 3 questions you searched for

How to put an elastic ligature on your brace?

One of our visitor was interested to know how to put an elastic ligature on the braces.

Well, most of the time we’re not the ones to do this, since it would be pretty difficult. In order to put a ligature over the braces, one needs excellent light, another set of eyes (the mirror thing wont’ work too well) and some special dentist instruments we don’t normally own. Trying to put a screwdriver or needle in your mouth for this is not a good idea (you will hurt your mouth/tongue) not to mention these are dirty and not suitable to go into your mouth.

So, don’t worry. Should you have issues with your ligs, just contact your orthodontist, he’s there to help.

Do all orthodontists have the same color ligatures?

Most of them time these doctors have all kinds of colours so that any patient might find the right one or even the right colour combination. A lot of their patients who wear regular braces (those needing ligatures) try to make them nicer by using all kinds of colours and combinations.

Since there aren’t too many suppliers, I assume most orthodontists kinda have all colours the supplier can give. Don’t worry, you’ll have some nice ones to chose from.

Invisalign: can you just wear overnight?

Not only you can wear Invisalign overnight, you will wear it. The Invisalign treatment relies on some plastic aligners that go “clothe” your teeth. These plastic trays need to be worn as much as possible (over 20 hours if you can or more). You take them out to eat and then clean teeth and then you put them back.

So, prepare to wear your Invisalign at nights too. You will be able to sleep with no problems, so don’t let this scare you.

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