Creating a beautiful smile: the veneers option

Discolored teeth, small gaps between them or chipped teeth after an accident will prevent us from having the perfect smile we always wanted. Porcelain veneers have been used for quite some time to “hide” such imperfections and they have been a good option in this matter.

In some very light orthodontic cases, these veneers might solve the issues and you wouldn’t need braces. But this is for your specialist to decide, since most of the time orthodontics doesn’t work only on “beauty”, but there are occlusion issues that need addressing and these are already more serious matters.

Still, some patients, after ending their ortho treatment, might need veneers due to the problems mentioned before. Their teeth are straight now and still, the small enamel imperfections might be solved with dental veneers.

In my case, there is a need for at least one on a discolored tooth. It’s not on a frontal position, but, if I have a wide smile (and it’s always like this) you can see that molar and it does look bad. I assume my orthodontics treatment will have this at the end too so that I can have a nice smile after all.

From what I read online and discussed with my dentist, the veneers are pretty easy to place and they should last for quite some time. The price also varies, especially when we talk to people from different countries. In Romania, the price is a tad smaller than in other countries, but from what I read in the USA you can go up to 1000 USD/tooth (please help me with the prices, if you guys know more about this, so that we can make the corrections. As mentioned, I have just read this, don’t know how it looks like in your country 😉 ).

The good thing is that once placed on the tooth, with proper care, these veneers will last you a lot and will make the teeth look natural and beautiful. I have seen some examples in my dentist’s office and it was hard for me to believe those people had something else than their natural teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is having more and more followers each day since our dental needs have increased. We don’t just want our cavities filled or teeth cleaned, we want straight teeth and even more .. we want our teeth to be white, perfectly aligned and with no imperfections.

And now, of course, we get to discuss this. Have you had veneers? What type? Are you pleased with this treatment option?

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