Know your Orthodontics!

What you know, cannot kill you.

Well, I’m kidding, but still, knowing about this treatment, how to find a good orthodontist etc. are important aspects to having a successful treatment. There are many AMAZING doctors out there, but lousy ones too. Such a treatment is VERY costly for a patient, not too much from a doctor’s perspective. A good chuck of the price covers their “handiwork” and of course specialization, so the investment is not that big, while the profit is pretty nice. This leads many people to become orthodontists, even if some are not that well prepared for this.

By knowing how to see a fake from a real one, what to expect in your treatment, you won’t be scared or easy to fool. More power to the informed consumer.

Knowing your steps, makes the treatment easier

I knew IN DETAIL what my doctor is gonna do to me, what’s that paste he’s placing over my teeth, how my brackets will be attached etc. I was VERY RELAXED and fascinated in the end about everything happening to me. My orthodontist would add more information to what I already had read, since he knew I love knowing about this. The entire process has been a very nice one, with small discomfort, but nothing serious. I’ve had a super-positive attitude all along and it’s helped me tremendously. I can say my man is more “disturbed” for me wearing all kinds of devices, than I was.

Even now, as I am still under treatment, I have my initial pictures on the PC, I know where I’ve started, what worked and what’s slower to get results. Though I am not an orthodontist, I’ve surely done my homework.

It’s YOUR BODY, you gotta know about this stuff.

I cannot understand people who get sick and know nothing about their disease. I’ve had friends with various illnesses (fortunately nothing serious) and I knew more about their problems than they did. How can someone live in such a state of total ignorance? Not knowing about your illness DOESN’T MAKE IT GO AWAY. It never does. But having some ideas about it, surely helps.

As an example, one year and a half I discovered some breast lumps. Before even getting to the doctor to see what’s there, I already knew how my scans should look for it to be breast cancer or not, what my treatment options were in any of the stages, even how my biopsy fluid should look if it was just a hormonal imbalance. Well, fortunately for me it’s just something hormone based, but I had my homework done like a pro. When I’d have my biopsy done, the moment my doctor started filling the syringe with the fluid, I KNEW it wasn’t cancer. The biopsy came clean the following day.

Knowing all my options and everything a non-doctor can about this, has surely helped me a lot. Even if I’ve done my share of crying, having a mastectomy at 30 is not really something to be happy about, I wasn’t that shocked as others would have been in a similar situation.

Going into the orthodontics treatment, I loved reading all I could about this. It’s my teeth we’re talking here, I wanted to know what good can come off it, if it’s worth it, how other people handle this problem etc. All this information helped me through the treatment and establishing an amazing relationship with my orthodontist too. He always talks to me as if I was a fellow doctor and this helped me gain even more information.

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